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The solution is in the problem All industries are changing at a rapid rate. So new approaches are required. One thing does remain the same, problems need to be understood to be solved. Greg has been operating in the print and design industry since 1990. Starting with Showads Omega in the Commercial Screen Printing department. The international experience of working in the London and Scotland has given him the understanding of different client expectations. Organisations such a The Royal Bank of Scotland, AMEC Utilities, BT and Edinburgh Research and Innovation. Completing the most reputable design education in Australia at Swinburne University. Educated by the legends of Australian creative community. He evolved into operating a multimedia business. the highlight of that business was working on the University of Melbourne multimillion dollar “Dream Large” campaign. From there Greg went onto setting up a design constancy that solved design communication problems for a vast array of organisations. His dedication and ethics have been an asset to their outcomes.

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  • FMCG
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Civil Engineering
  • Medical
  • Education Providers
  • Architects


Digital Solutions

All industries have been increasing affecting all industries. Every business now needs a digital native to solve these new problems. These can range from mobile development to complete advertising campaigns. VEKAR can solve this for your organisation.


With decades of practical knowledge about printing, not many can push this medium like we can. The best outcome can come crashing down without the right print management. We can operators in Melbourne, Australia and South East Asia that can meet your expectations.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing practices has become so demanding in which on the creative and strategic campaigns get results. Don't waste your resources on tired old marketing tactics, hire a creative person with marketing attributes to get sustainable growth. It takes more than Search Engine Optimisation to get traction in the market, it takes ideas and understanding the target audience.

Design Consulting

In summery, design is about thinking. Thinking about solving a communication problem. Imagery is the outcome of a design process. Without a process, like engineering, the outcome fails. Effective design is a collaboration of client and design practitioner to understand the problem. By collaborating both parties are not meet with surprises..

Business Development

The best thing about having one organisation responsible for an integrated design and business development action, is that our message will be clear and have the highest impact. B2B is about trust and relationships, with our approach we can be agile and efficient.


Internationally focussed businesses value training as a proactive activity to meet compliance and .quality assurance criteria. Training and development is a component that will differentiate Thang Tien from local competition. By targeting organisations and mirroring their compliance and quality standards will define your organisation as the right choice.

Previous work

Achieving a competative advantage with design

With increasing competition in all industries, successful businesses strive to increase revenue. Design has been successfully used to increase profits by 200%. The Design Ladder by the Danish Design Centre reveals the steps to creating a design focused business without being exposed to too much risk.

Of course change needs to take steps to avoid the disaster of the Six Sigma method. In which companies collapsed under the burden of a overly complex quality control system too broadly applied throughout all industries.

With a design practitioner that is well verse in business, these naive mistakes can be avoided.